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You can now convert your Wix website to a Wordpress website. Thanks to our service. Starting from $119 for Homepage and 6 inner pages. Additional Inner pages cost $10 each to convert. We deliver the in 3 working days & other Pages: 1-2 working days. Try us out, you will be Satisfied, Guaranteed!










Unlike many Wix to WordPress theme converting companies, we are always more than willing to open up and share the conversion process with our clients.


Our team is made up of competent Wordpress developers. We have delivered quality Wordpress theme to our clients all through.


Your order is in good hands. Our client retention is over 70% of clients because of the quality delivery and the relationships we build.

How it works

  • Send Enquiry - Send us your PSD design-related files and other requirements.
  • Send Quote - We will give you a free quote with price and time frame.
  • Web Conversion - Our Team of Experts will convert your Design into WordPress.

Why convert to WordPress

Easy to maintain

WordPress is a powerful CMS, which brings several convenient options to you. You have direct control over the content you publish, which eliminates the hassles and/or wait times of a web developer.

SEO Friendly

The construction of the WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code that Google finds very inviting for indexing. We recommend SEO Yoast to be installed.

Improved security

Your website can be hacker-proofed even more securely than a traditional website. Remember to ensure correct server file permissions with chmod calculator when going live.

Easy for beginners

There's almost zero learning curve in getting started with WordPress. You don't even need to how to use an HTML editor.

Social media integrations

Social media is another way your business can gain exposure. In combination with a professional website, you can drive even more traffic to your business and gain new customers.

Extensible functionality

Thousands of pre-written programs called plugins can increase the functionality of your out-of-the-box blog software. Traditional websites require everything to be programmed.

Automatic updates

WordPress notifies you when the upgrades become available and then suggest that you upgrade immediately by clicking the upgrade button. You click it then you are done.

Happy clients

Keep clients happy with easy DIY updates and full compliance with W3C standards out of the box.

Choose the best plan for you.

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Why Clients Choose Us

  1. FULLY RESPONSIVE CONVERSION - Using your CSS layouts and latest front-end coding best practices during HTML to WordPress conversion, your static HTML websites will be converted to fully responsive WordPress theme that will keep your site design, content, and functionality flawlessly consistent across all device dimensions without making any sacrifices on quality or performance.
  2. CLEAN & STRUCTURED CODE - Our Developers at SitePuller write clean, consistent, and highly structured code in compliance with W3C standards to ensure maximum performance and error-free output across the board. Your HTML to WordPress conversion is carried out with code that is written for easy management, customization, and comprehension without compromising speed or user-experience.
  3. THEME CONTROL PANEL - All our WordPress themes come with an advanced built-in theme control panel to give you easy control over key features. It includes all the pre-configured options you will need for easy management of your theme, accessible in a single click via admin. This ensures a delightful, hassle-free admin experience.
  4. WIDGET READY - widget-ready themes let you enjoy the extensibility of WordPress without errors or hassles. Our WordPress developers code your themes in a way that ensures seamless support and compatibility with a wide array of widgets and plugins so you can add the functionalities you need without worries.
  5. OPTIMIZED FOR PERFORMANCE - Your WordPress themes are optimized for high performance and fast page load speed for great user experience. Stringent quality standards while coding, extensive testing, validation, coupled with complete front-end and back-end optimization means makes for dynamic themes with super-fast rendering and loading times.
  6. UPGRADE-FRIENDLY - Your themes are coded to ensure consistent performance and compatibility with current and future WordPress versions. Developers at SitePuller are proficient in object-oriented programming and native WordPress APIs and use them to create great themes that never break on major or minor core upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WIX to WordPress Conversion?

It is the website design process of converting a Wix website or template to a WordPress theme.

How do you convert WIX to WordPress?

We first clone the Wix Website where we get all its assets and HTML pages. From there we begin the normal HTML to Wordpress conversion process.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services which include Converting PSD to Shopify, Custom Web Development, Wordpress Customization, Template Customization and Wayback Machine Downloader, PSD to Wordpress theme conversion and Website Downloading services.

Do you offer other CMS customization?

Yes, we do. Contact Us today for a free quote.

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